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Cambria Somerset Radiology

Cambria Somerset Radiology serves patients who require diagnostic imaging and interventional therapies in the Johnstown, Pennsylvania, area. The group’s president, Gary Kramer, MD, leads a team of physicians to diagnose and treat conditions including cancers, gynecologic issues, and vascular diseases. The clinic uses imaging tools like X-rays and MRIs to pinpoint where problems lie and treat them without surgery.

Cambria Somerset Radiology specializes in diagnostic and interventional radiology to classify and treat various diseases, and emphasize minimally invasive treatments when appropriate. Interventional radiology makes delivering treatment at the source possible, leading to lower risk of complications and often shorter recovery time.
Beyond cancer care, Cambria Somerset Radiology also focuses specifically on women’s imaging, offering gynecological intervention procedures.

The clinic’s vein center serves those seeking treatment for numerous vascular issues, such as spider veins, varicose veins, and venous ulcers. Cambria Somerset Radiology’s patients often see a significant reduction in the appearance of their problem veins.

If you’re in need of imaging services or interventional treatment, please contact the office to book an appointment today.


As interventional radiology specialists at Cambria Somerset Radiology, Drs.
CT Scan​
Drs. Stanley Golden and Stephanie Simonson lead the CT scans team at Cambria
Varicose Veins​
At Cambria Somerset Radiology’s specialized vein center in Johnstown,
Having completed fellowships in neuroradiology/ musculoskeletal radiology,
Back Pain
Many people suffer from back pain but don’t know its cause or how to treat it.
Excel V Laser Skin
If you suffer from skin conditions, the specialists at Cambria Somerset Radiology
Women's Health
Specifically addressing women’s health needs is a top priority for Cambria Somerset
General Radiology
Radiology is the science of studying the body through the use of X-rays and radiation.


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Cambria Somerset Radiology is made up of the best imaging reading radiologists in the country.